Just as your house collects dust, dirt, and unneeded materials, so does your computer. However, as we know computers are not as simple!

                                   Tired of calling your ISP for short answers that cost too much?

                                  Attempt to clean your own system, but end up making  it worse?

                                   Need hands on training to improve your home computer skills?

                                  Desire to learn more about things that your ISP will not help with?

***Usually immediate response to desired help..

***Problems that are not resolved at time of service, shall be further addressed.

Matt Miller (Metro Atlanta)

**$35 per hour (minimum)

*** If time exceeds 2.5 hours, $100 flat rate for day or future resolutions.

***Most cases of cleaning are fairly quick, 0-2 hrs.

*** Defragmenter is essential for cleaning. This will be run last. Can take up to 3 hours depending on system. Optional to stay for conclusion.. Computer is technically not inoperatable, however is not advised. This time can be used for tutoring.

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e-mail me
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